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cat_scradle's Journal

Cat's Cradle
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An Etsy Seller Community - challenges/inspiration for creativity, and idea sharing for marketing
This community was born from the suggestion and deep kindness and support of Cat Valente. In a comment on her What Do You Need post, she wrote:

"I feel like all the etsy sellers here need to start a community on LJ, with challenges and inspiration for creativity, and idea sharing for marketing."

And it was brownkitty who named us thusly:

"Cat's Cradle. The reason being that cradles are where things begin to grow on their own."

So here we are. Welcome! Please introduce yourself by filling out the following questionnaire. PLEASE make sure to tag your introduction with the "introductory questionnaire" tag, so you can be found. :)

What's your shop name/URL?
What do you sell/make?
What are your future plans for stuff to sell/make?
How long have you been doing this?
What are your current marketing strategies?
What kinds of problems are you having (if any)?
What would you like to learn more about?
Any big successes/wins you'd like to share? We love to hear about victories!
What fellow Etsyians do you love? Why?
What kind of support or challenges are you looking for from this community? How can *we* help *you* be even more awesome?
Are there any special skills that you can offer to help other Etsyians?
How did you find us?